Google’s new update increases competition for AdWords advertisers

Over the weekend adverts on the right hand side of the Google search results disappeared for good! Instead four paid adverts will appear at the top of Google search and two paid adverts will appear at the bottom.

Understandably businesses and marketers have been up in arms, as they speculate what this will mean for future Internet advertising. This is understandable as right hand sided ads will change Internet advertising. As top page Ad Ranking will be even more cutthroat than before and of course organic searches will lose out as they will be pushed even further down the page of search results now an extra paid ad has been added to the top of the search page.

With all the space on the right hand side, Google search results is now looking emptier than ever before. However Google plans to add product listings or Google shopping as others may call it on to the right hand side instead.


So why has Google made this decision? Well like any business it is entirely commercially driven and revenue based, with this structure the price of adverts will increase and therefore the profits of Google will too.

Google  is still making tweaks to the structure, but wants to provide more relevant search results, which is why this structure is now in place. This also means that there is a bigger link between mobile and desktop experiences as now neither have right sided ads.

So as a user of Google, a business owner or a marketer, what will this mean to you?

Well firstly things are about to get a lot more competitive, with less space for people to advertise the CPC is about to get pricier as more people try to bid themselves to the top 4 spaces.

What can you do to help your business?

Now has never been a better time to get in contact with a certified Adwords company, with the right professional skills and an eye for the advertising industry they will be able to help you with your Ads and get you into those top 4 spaces that you need to be in.

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