Amazon PPC Ads Update – New Automatic Campaigns


Whilst working in one of our accounts last week, we noticed that Amazon updated their automatic campaigns to provide more features for targeting. This was tested in one of our campaigns and we have already seen that for the same product, the new auto campaign was able to average an ACoS of 12% when the original campaign did a 30% ACoS.

One of the biggest features of this new update is the ability to segment where your products appear. The following four options are now available for optimising:

  • Loose match: Amazon would show your adverts to people who use search terms loosely related to your products.
  • Close match: In this instant, your Ads will show to Amazon users who use search terms closely related to your products.
  • Complements: Amazon Consumers who view the detail pages of products that complement your product would also be served your advert here.
  • Substitutes: Potential customers who view the detail pages of products similar to your items would be served a sponsored Advert.

Now that we have the following four areas to target we can then do two of the following to optimise these campaigns to get the best possible results.

  1. Adjust bids across the different channels – if one of the four areas of targeting performs well and has a low ACoS, you can then consider increasing your bids to gain even more exposure. If one of these areas do the opposite and end up costing a lot with minimal return, you can then reduce the bids to minimise spend and traffic.
  2. Pausing underperforming areas – If one or a few of these areas end up becoming unprofitable regardless of how you optimise the bids, you can then shut them off to allow the more profitable channels to have even more exposure.
  3. Amazon Auto campaign targeting focused campaigns – You can even go as far as having a loose match, close match, complements and substitutes auto campaigns for a single product. This would allow you to distribute separate daily budgets to each form of targeting to gain more control of traffic through these channels. This would only be advised if you have a product that is able to generate a lot more traffic and requires more attention.

This new feature is available once you create a new Auto campaign with no option of going back to the original campaign targeting.  We suggest trialling this new form of auto campaign with your original campaigns just to see how their performance compares.

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