Amazon Ads – New Portfolio Grouping Feature


Amazon’s new portfolio grouping has everyone in the office very excited and already implementing. This new feature allows Amazon Sellers to group Amazon ad campaigns into defined categories to help better manage themed campaigns whatever targeting option you choose. The ability to set an individual portfolio budget has been one of the biggest benefits of using this form of grouping.

There are a number of ways we have used this new feature to better group our campaigns which can be found listed below:

  • Different brands – We found that some brands have a lower ACoS target and also budgets assigned to them so using this method of grouping has allowed us to better align budgets and restrictions across the brands our sellers have promoted.
  • Manual vs auto – As we spend a lot of time moving all of the best-converting terms from our auto campaigns into manual campaigns, we have found that in the past the auto campaigns dominate the overall account budget so having these two groupings has allowed us to find a good balance whereby our manual campaigns get maximum exposure without any spend going unused.
  • Different categories – From time to time, the ranking for our products in certain categories fluctuate and having them segmented in this way allows us to maximise returns whilst the rankings are high and ACoS is profitable.
  • Different products – Different products have different margins and using this grouping has allowed us to determine which products are profitable and limited by budget so we can distribute better or increase the daily Amazon Ad spend.
  • Best selling products vs new products – When some of our clients introduce new clients, we now group them into their own portfolio so their Amazon Ads do not disrupt what we have with the original successful campaigns. Grouping them in this way allows us to monitor them separately and quickly without having to excessively label our campaign names.

This new feature is available for sellers using Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor (not included for .com right now).

Placing these campaigns into different groups has helped accounts that have a considerable number of products/campaigns in their account. It also important to note that each campaign can only be placed in 1 portfolio so using the right grouping method from the start is important.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how you can effectively use this new Amazon feature, please do feel free to reach out to us.

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