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Searching for ways to grow sales for your Amazon Listings and scale? Through Amazon DSP and pay per click advertising, we have enabled our clients to take their business success to the next level.

We can help you:

Boost overall sales through Amazon by 40%. 

Achieve an ACoS of less than 10%.

Double overall sales through Sponsored.

Take advantage of Amazon's powerful remarketing tool through Amazon Demand Side Platform Advertising.

Discover new opportunities on Amazon to further increase sales.

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The Clear Ads experience:

When you choose Clear Ads as your Amazon Ads marketing agency, you can expect to receive the benefit of our considerable expertise. Because we know Amazon Ads inside out, we’ll put all of that skill to work straight away for you.

Step 1: We begin with an account audit, so we can see how your campaigns are performing, get an idea of what you’re doing right and quickly identify opportunities for improvement.

Step 2: We’ll set out very clear goals and structures. This means we’ll first work with you to correctly identify your ideal shoppers and target audiences. We’ll create a bidding strategy that works for your budget and products and identify optimum placements. We’ll also create compelling, effective ad text so your sponsored ads stand out.

Advantages of having Clear Ads as your Amazon marketing agency

Our Amazon PPC advertising experts help vendors recognise their target audience, identify the best areas to place your products and put together the right advert content to maximise product visibility and sales with the allocated budget. Clear Ads provides a very personal management service so when you sign up you will only deal with one campaign manager and not have to worry about getting passed over to the right person when contacting us. At Clear Ads we maintain regular contact and provide monthly reports outlining the productivity and performance of your account.

We have more than 10 years of experience managing paid advertising across different platforms.

95% of our clients are Amazon Sellers.

We are one of the very few agencies in the world who have access to Amazon's Demand Side platform self-service.

We’re confident you’ll love our service so there’s no long-term contract and no expensive monthly commitment.

We’ll use all of our experience, knowledge and know-how to wring out every last sale from your Ads budget.

Amazon DSP Case Studies

In this instance, we were able to generate a positive return very early on from promoting the Amazon Sellers products to people who have viewed either their products or similar products and have not purchased. Straight away we were able to take advantage of this audience and pick up on sales that could have potentially gone to their competitors


This particular advertiser, wanted to gain more traffic through another avenue other than Google Ads, Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central Ads/. We, therefore, got his campaigns running on DSP and was easily able to generate traffic at a far cheaper cost per click gained from other paid advertising platforms and achieve a ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend of 20 which is equivalent to an ACoS of 5%.


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We can get great results for your business - Our results speak for themselves!

Amazon DSP Unique Features


Amazon DSP also allows you to have a sentence from any review a customer has left for the product you would like to advertise within your advert. This would give you product an edge compared to your rival Amazon Sellers as it takes advantage of what others have said about your product.

Targeting Segments

As Amazon is the only DSP platform that actually owns its own data, it is able to use that wealth of information to ensure that your adverts appear to the most appropriate audience taking into consideration their spending patterns and information provided to Amazon. This can range from education, devices used, cat/dog owners, those interested in baby gifts, backing supplies and so many other different segments.

Supply Sources

As well as your listings appearing on Amazon O&O (owned and Operated) such as Amazon and IMDB. You also have the ability to have your advert serve outside of Amazon on the open exchange, listed below. This enhances your brand's ability to generate more awareness of your products outside of Amazon in prime real estate and really scale.

Content Targeting

We believe there is still some work to further develop the content targeting on this DSP but for now, you do have an extensive list of content you can actively target for your adverts to appear alongside outside of Amazon. So if you sell health supplements, you can have your adverts serve on websites that mentions “Men’s Health” and “Women’s Health”.

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Amazon PPC Case Study

When we started working on this account at the end of November the account had an ACoS of around 8%. By the end of the month of January 2019, we managed to decrease this ACoS from 8.1% down to 6.2%. This has made all of the sales for the account even more profitable.

We have managed to generate more than $1 million in sales in January after increasing sales from $953 thousand in December 2018.

As well as making the account more pro table by decreasing the ACoS as sales increased, we have also made it more pro table by the accounts spend coming down from $77 thousand in December to $63 thousand in January."