Searching for ways to grow sales for your Amazon Listings and scale? Amazon Demand Side Platform might be the right solution for you. Amazon Demand Side Platform is a demand side platform that will enable you to programmatically buy display and video ads .

As the barrier to entry is high to use this platform, we have the ability to have your products appear across the Amazon and other Supply Side Platforms at a very competitive rate. Going for a managed service by Amazon will require you to have either a $35,000 (in US) or £10,000 (in UK) to get started. Our Self Service agency exclusive access can get you started at a fraction of the price and provide you with far more transparency

The Clear Ads difference:

  • Exclusive Access to the demand side platform making you stand out from your competitors.
  • Scale your products reach far more than what you can achieve within the Amazon console.
  • Make twice as many sales to grow your business.
  • Fully managed service, delivered by an expert Amazon advertising agency.
  • Flexible contracts, great value for money and results-focused approach.

Looking for an expert to help you grow your Amazon business?:

  • We have more than 10 years experience managing Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns.
  • We’re Amazon PPC experts.
  • You’ll have one-to-one contact and a personal approach.
  • We’re confident you’ll love our service so there’s no long-term contract and no expensive monthly commitment.
  • We’ll use all of our experience, knowledge and know-how to wring out every last sale from your Ads budget.

Advantages of having Clear Ads as your Amazon marketing agency

Our Amazon PPC advertising experts help vendors recognise their target audience, identify the best areas to place your products and put together the right advert content to maximise product visibility and sales with the allocated budget. Clear Ads provides a very personal management service so when you sign up you will only deal with one campaign manager and not have to worry about getting passed over to the right person when contacting us. At Clear Ads we maintain regular contact and provide monthly reports outlining the productivity and performance of your account.

The Clear Ads experience

When you choose Clear Ads as your Amazon Ads marketing agency, you can expect to receive the benefit of our considerable expertise. Because we know Amazon Ads inside out, we’ll put all of that skill to work straight away for you.

Step 1: We begin with an account audit, so we can see how your campaigns are performing, get an idea of what you’re doing right and quickly identify opportunities for improvement.

Step 2: We’ll set out very clear goals and structures. This means we’ll first work with you to correctly identify your ideal shoppers and target audiences. We’ll create a bidding strategy that works for your budget and products and identify optimum placements. We’ll also create compelling, effective ad text so your sponsored ads stand out.

We charge a monthly management fee depending on an advertisors monthly Pay Per Click ad revenue. Our management fee starts at £500 + VAT per month or 5% of Amazon Ads revenue whichever is greater. Once your revenue on Amazon Ads reaches over £10,000 you will no longer be charged the fixed £500 + VAT per month and transfer over to the 5% revenue amount.
If your Amazon Ad revenue exceeds £50,000 a month on Amazon Ad, please see the table below for more detail on our pricing model.

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