The Importance of Producing Amazon Search Term Reports


Used accurately, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) can be one of the top tools in your digital marketing toolkit. However, many people find getting to grips with the platform tricky – particularly when it comes to producing and deciphering search term reports.

In this blog, we’ll look at search term reports and how to create them.

What is a Search Term Report?

A search term report is a key element of the Amazon Marketing Services platform. These reports can help you to identify which search terms have the greatest potential for attracting visitors, as well as assisting with bringing greater value to your campaigns and as a specialist Amazon agency, we use them all the time.

The most important aspect of each search term report is that they deal in real customer data, rather than theoretical projections. As a means of discovering which search terms have serious sticking power, the reports provide an invaluable source of insights.

Key elements to monitor vary depending on your individual brand goals – but can help you to build more robust and relevant campaigns.

The reports are currently only available for Sponsored Products – and provide visibility for the search terms shoppers have entered on Amazon which led to a click.

By utilising search term reports, you will be handling data relating directing to the search terms your customers have been using to find your products over the last sixty days – and can then begin to remove the search terms which don’t suit your goals.

The up-to-date nature of these reports means you’re always handling the most comprehensive and current data, ensuring greater accuracy in your activities via the platform.

Getting the most from your Search Terms Reports

The Amazon Search Terms Report once provided sellers with reports which showed the exact SKU associated with every search term.

This was extremely useful, but unfortunately the capability was discontinued by Amazon and it is now a little trickier to identify the exact relationship between your keywords and your products.

One method for building stronger campaigns is to use just one SKU for each ad-group, allowing you segment your campaign in such a way as search term success can be attributed directly to a particular product.

The more in-depth you get with your search term strategy, the more ably you will be able to assess the effectiveness of your keyword choices and can thereafter allot ad spend where it will be most valuable.

Accessing your Search Term Report

You can find your search term reports in Seller Central. They can be accessed by heading to “Reports” and following the link to Advertising Reports.

Once you click on Search Term Report, you then need to hit ‘Request Report’ and choose the timespan you would like your report to cover.

Staying on top of your search term successes and failures gives you a much better chance of creating campaigns that generate the results you want to truly maximise your seller potential on Amazon’s platform.

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