Amazon Sponsored Ads – The Headline Search Ads Link Update Examined


The growth of Amazon’s Sponsored Ads platform represents a major win for Amazon sellers, offering a cost-effective solution for professional sellers on Amazon’s global e-commerce website. Amazon’s dominance of the e-commerce sphere is increasingly uncontested, and so it makes sense for those using it as a revenue stream should get to grips with the advertising tools on offer.

Amazon’s Sponsored Ads are constantly evolving to ensure their continued usefulness for sellers, and the latest update to Headline Search Ads presents one of the most significant shifts in the platform’s update history. In this blog, we’ll briefly examine the implications of these updates to ensure existing and emerging Amazon sellers are kept fully clued-in to the most effective use of the platform.

Headline Search Ads Explained

Nestled within Amazon’s Sponsored Ads platform, Headline Search Ads are banner-style adverts which until recently, were always placed at the top of the search page. Clear and visible to customers, they’ve become one of the most popular tools for Amazon sellers to ensure their products are seen by the right people at the right time. They speed up the product discovery process and drive increased traffic to seller pages and products alike. The latest updates work to increase this visibility for a range of audiences with more control for advertisers.

New advert positioning

One of the most significant updates to Headline Search is the ability to now choose where you want to position your advert. Not only do the ads show on the left-hand side of the page, but also the bottom of the page – giving advertisers the option to experiment with placement. Adopting these new ad placements is simple; customers need only login to Campaign Manager and preview their ads in both mobile and desktop before setting it live for the buying public..

New bidding options

Amazon have also updated their bidding options for sellers, allowing them to choose between:

Automated bids:

  • Amazon optimises placement for the best chance of improved conversions.

Manual bids:

  • Users decide how to use the new placement system and manage their own bids.

It is best to stick to automation until you have got to grips with the advertising platform, to ensure you aren’t under or over spending and are getting the best from your budget.

Reports get an upgrade

New reporting makes it simpler for users to monitor their own ad performance and optimised campaign results. Reports can be downloaded from Advertising Reports within the Reports tab in Seller Central, and are comprised of:

Campaign placement reports:

  • Check your ads within each placement, to help optimise your budget and pricing strategy in accordance with changing needs.

Keyword placement reports:

  • Gain key insights into sales and performance metrics for all keywords across placement groups.

Campaign reports:

  • These reports provide key insight into sales, budget and performance metrics across all campaigns. The data can be used to optimise future campaigns.

These updates are sure to help make life easier for advertisers on Amazon. To get started, head to Seller Central.

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