What is Amazon Marketing Services?

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Amazon Marketing Services abbreviated to AMS is a relatively new advertising tool for vendors to increase awareness and drive sales on Amazon.com.

Your adverts will appear alongside competitors products much like ad placement on the Google Display Network, but specifically tailored for Amazon.

This gives Amazon vendors the opportunity to have their products appear to potential new customers while they browse for similar products.

We are one of the first to operate as an Amazon Marketing agency in the UK and can help you with your marketing efforts on one of the biggest websites in the world.

Below I am going to outline the 3 areas of Amazon Marketing Services advertising.

Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads are either content driven or keyword driven and as seen in the image below appear above the organic search results much like you would expect Google ads to appear when using Google AdWords. You will also notice they appear alongside the search results in a similar fashion to seeing ads on the GDN.  This is the recommended entry point into Amazon advertising as it puts your products right in amongst the search results with your competitors.

Product Display Ads

Product display adverts are placed specifically on a product detail page.  This can give you another chance for someone to click on your advert before the consumer adds the current product they are viewing to their basket and convert.  These ads are considered   They can also appear on your own product detail pages giving your customer the option to add relevant items to their basket that may compliment their current purchase.

Amazon Headline Search Ads

Headline search ads will appear as a banner above the customers’ search results. This is a great opportunity to advertise to customers who are likely at the beginning of their shopping experience, therefore more likely to be browsing.

As you can see, this provides you with more opportunities to advertise on the web, especially if you are a product vendor currently selling on Amazon.com.

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