ASINs violating – Amazon Title Guidelines to be Suppressed From Search


Amazon is one of the world’s foremost online shopping portals, with millions of sellers and shoppers all eagerly listing and buying the latest products. To ensure consistent visibility and avoid being banished from search results, brands are advised to check that their ASIN complies with Amazon’s latest guidelines.

Understanding Amazon’s Product Title Requirements

Product titles which are eligible for Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) must follow a specific set of guidelines. These are provided in full on Amazon Seller Central guidelines. These guidelines apply to each ASIN (the unique identifying code given to products on the platform) and help customers find the items they’re looking for with ease. Amazon states that every ASIN needs to adhere to a specific format and contain specific pieces of information. Whether or not each buyer uses the FBA system, these guidelines are the ones to check before Amazon prepares to suppress titles which aren’t compliant from searches. Here, we’re rounding up all you need to know:

Guidelines for length of title

Amazon states that 200 characters is the desired maximum for each product title, though some categories permit a longer length for more descriptive detail. For more information, check the category specifics for the item being listed.

Guidelines for capitalisation

Using capitals in your title is important, but only when they’re used in the correct way. Amazon’s guidelines state that users must place a capital at the start of each word, and never write their titles using all capital letters.

Prepositions used in-between the main words (such as in, with, over etc), which amount to fewer than five letters, should not be capitalised. In addition, conjunctions (such as for, or and) and articles (an, the, etc) should also never be capitalised.

Guidelines for product information

Relevancy is key and that means ensuring product information is included accurately. Size and colour for child-specific ASINs are also necessary, but no subjective statements which indicate the value of the product – this should speak for itself. Amazon also bans promotional messages.

Guidelines for numbers and symbols

Amazon states that numbers should use numerals rather than the wording, and all measurements should be spelt to ensure clarity. No symbols should be used in titles, as they prove confusing. Type 1 High ASCII characters are also barred from usage under the new guidelines.

In summary

To help summarise these guidelines, remember to:

  • Capitalise the first letter of each word, except for conjunctions, articles and prepositions. Never write a title using only capital letters.
  • Keep product titles to approx. 200 characters in length.
  • Ensure relevant product information is included, but no subjective statements or promotional information.
  • Use numerals for numbers, and be specific about measurements. Do not use Type 1 High ASCII characters.

When do the changes come into effect?

Amazon will begin excluding ASINs with titles which don’t match Amazon’s requirements for product titles, commencing on the 22nd July 2019. To ensure any changes are met before this deadline, sellers are advised to look at the new product title requirements before 15th July 2019.

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