2018 has been a banner year for Google AdWords – it has finally completed the biggest ever overhaul of the platform to mark two decades of service and changed names. Not only is the AdWords brand being retired in favour of the new Google Ads name, the old AdWords interface, which many advertisers are still using, is also being permanently switched off. By year’s end, all advertisers will have been transitioned to the new AdWords experience.

So, what can you expect from the new look interface?

There has been much debate about whether or not the new AdWords interface is actually fully ready for its roll-out and advertiser and agency reaction has been a little mixed. However, with the deadline set and no choice but to embrace it, here’s what you can expect from the new interface when you transition.

Expect more visuals

The user experience has been a big focus so when you do transition, you’ll physically see a lot of changes. One of the biggest differences with the new experience is the visualisation of key data which makes analysing reports much easier. Google said its aim with the new interface was to offer a more intuitive experience. Its new data visualisation options include a day and hour card report which makes it easy to see at a glance what the peak times are for your campaign. It’s also easier to see which devices interact most with your ads too thanks to the visualisation upgrade.

Account Optimisation Assist

One of several exclusive features, the new AdWords experience includes more account optimisation help. This is delivered via an overview page, which gives curated performance insights at account, campaign and ad group level. This means that when you transition to the new interface, you should find it easier to make beneficial changes to your ad campaigns with direct suggestions from Google itself.

Changes to ad creation

There are lots of changes and additions to the ad creation process including new promotion extensions which can be integrated with ads to display specific sales and offers. Promotion extensions show below the ad and are highlighted with a bold label. Google has a preset table of occasions you can select from when running a promotion extension – it covers the obvious events such as Christmas, Easter, Father’s and Mother’s Day but also has others such as back to school, Ramadan, Chinese New Year and end of season.

Easier testing

Trialling different ads and ad types is also easier in the new interface thanks to the incoming ad variations option. This allows different types of advert to be tested with changes to the headline, text, promotion and so forth. When you find a variation you are happy with, it can then be applied and new ads tested.


The new AdWords experience integrates shopping campaigns too. As an advertiser, you can now create goal optimised shopping campaigns to maximise conversions and simplify reach. Shopping showcase ads can be used to group together related products, again helping to increase reach and sales.

While all advertisers will be migrated to the new experience by the end of the year, Google has said it will not force the transition during the peak holiday months of November and December. You can switch over earlier if you wish to get the benefit of these new features – just click on the gear icon from your old AdWords interface and hit ‘Try the new AdWords’.

For us this means we are now a Google Ads agency (Formally an AdWords agency). What hasn’t changed is the excellent ROI focussed service we provide, get in touch for help with your campaigns.

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George is the Founder of Clear Ads Ltd. Clear Ads Limited was first set up in January 2011 with the soul purpose of helping small and medium sized companies advertise through Google Adwords. Over the last few years through word of mouth, our account managers have managed to help over 200 different companies gain better exposure to their website through Google Adwords.

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