What is Smart Goals?

With Google Analytics installed, website owners will be able to take advantage of Google’s latest feature called smart goals. Smart goals analyses all websites that use Analytics and have opted to share conversion date. Multiple key factors which tends to lead to a conversion from the information gathered such as average duration of website visitors, number of pages viewed per website, etc will be used to determine what visitors are more likely to convert.

How can it help small businesses?

For many reasons, small business (and occasionally larger companies too) struggle to add conversion tracking on their website for Adwords tracking. This could be because of the way the website is structured or the tracking code being wrongly configured on the website. Either way, the implementation of this form of tracking is crucial and should be done and working before campaigns are up and running.

The downfall of not having conversion tracking installed is the disability to determine where/what visitors make a purchase or an enquiry. Measuring the return on investment through these forms of tracking also guarantees your maintaining and building profitable campaigns.

Even with so much debate about whether companies who advertise online should use or not use this new metric as a key factor when optimising where to get traffic we believe it should be considered if companies are unable to install conversion tracking.

How to integrate Smart Goals

Its very simple to install smart goals and you can do so by following the steps below:

  1. Head to the admin section of Google analytics when logged in and click on goals and enable smart goals.
  2. Head to Adwords and navigate to the conversion tab and import the smart goal into Adwords account.

As part of the Google AdWords management services we provide, we strongly recommend every company shift more of their attentions on actual conversion data rather then predictions of which visitors are more likely to covert. If you require any additional information on how to install conversion tracking or more information about smart goals feel free to contact us for further support.

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