Amazon is repeatedly crowned as one of the ‘winners’ of the holiday season, with strong sales figures continuously seen across the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping weekend, as well as throughout the Christmas period and the post-holiday sales. In fact, last year, Amazon announced that Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day in the corporation’s entire history. What’s more, in the last three months of 2018, Amazon generated a record $3 billion in advertising revenue for the first time ever, showing it’s not only shoppers who flock to spend their money on Amazon during the Christmas period.

With the shopping season fast approaching, now is the time that vendors should be working to generate an effective Amazon holiday sales strategy to ensure they derive the most value from the season.

Here are 3 tips for getting your Amazon campaigns ready for the holidays:


Take a Generalised Approach

At this time of year, Amazon users aren’t browsing. Instead, they’re specifically looking for products, which means that relevant listings are already at a significant advantage.

What’s not at an advantage, however, is the brand itself. Amazon shoppers are focused on finding the right product, at the right price, with less priority given to who it comes from. This means that one of the best ways to ensure a brand is seen and acknowledged at this time of year is with Amazon’s Sponsored Brands feature. This makes niche shoppers aware of a brand and enables them to see the ‘bigger picture’ outside their intended focus, boosting loyalty and showcasing a wider product range.


Create a Connection



Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of shopping season success is a disconnect between what shoppers are actively searching for at this time of year, and how vendors are promoting their products. With the Sponsored Brands custom messaging feature, vendors can add tailored text to their ads to tie in with the season, boost relevance, and forge a connection between product and buyer need. This is especially important given that almost one third of vendors fail to change their listings regularly. Small items in the inventory, for example, could be promoted as stocking fillers or cracker stuffers, while toys can be advertised as perfect Christmas gifts from Santa.

Learn & Adapt



The 5 days from Black Friday are known in the US at the ‘Turkey 5’; five opportunities for brands to sell more to shoppers. And while shopper behaviour and expectation changes every year, the beauty of Black Friday is that it is just the first day of a five day shopping extravaganza. It creates a unique opportunity to discover this year’s buying trends and tailor Amazon ads to match real time needs. With an Amazon display ad with e-commerce creative, vendors can instantly update their existing ads to highlight those aspects that shoppers have shown a preference for, whether that be price, reviews, features, or anything else. There’s plenty of opportunities to get it spot on.

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