Increase sales through the Amazon Business Seller Program


If your products are suitable for a B2B audience – such as stationery, office supplies, furniture or even IT and computing equipment, selling via the Amazon Business Seller program is a great way to add additional revenue streams and boost your bottom line.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what Amazon Business is and how you register as a seller to scale up your Amazon sales and access more business clients.

The Amazon Business platform

Launched fairly recently, Amazon Business is a marketplace created specifically for business buyers. Business owners and procurement teams can register with Amazon and then log on to easily source items their business needs.

The marketplace is designed to make the supply chain more convenient for business buyers, with features such as VAT invoices, spending limits, purchase order numbers and free one-day delivery over £30. Those using Amazon Business to source products can also keep track of what they spend with an Analytics tool.

Amazon says, “It’s the selection, convenience and value customers love about Amazon, now for business.”

Why Register for the Amazon Business Seller Program?

It might seem like too much of a hassle to register as a seller on a second Amazon platform but if you do take the time to do this, you can expect to unlock some not unsubstantial benefits. Amazon itself outlines this very clearly, saying you can expect to get a series of tools which will help you make more sales to business customers. It explains, “As an Amazon Business seller, you get access to features that help grow your sales to business customers, including the possibility to offer quantity discounts and exclusive business offers, VAT-exclusive price display and VAT invoicing for all of your Amazon offers.”

You should consider Amazon Business Seller participation to be complementary to your main activity as a general Amazon seller. This more specialist portal unlocks the doors to more B2B sales and gives you the tools you need to cater to the often specific demands of business clients. The infrastructure is designed around the traditional supply chain – so you don’t need to go to the time or trouble of revamping your own internal processes to deal with business customers, some of whom may have very specific corporate procurement requirements.

The Amazon Business Seller Experience and Seller Central

Once you’ve successfully registered for Amazon Business Seller, you’ll access it via your existing Seller Central interface. You’ll see that specific Amazon Business Seller tools are unlocked and available to access. What’s more, as a registered Amazon Business Seller, you’ll now be able to create brand new listings which have tailored descriptions and prices for business clients. These descriptions can be for products you already sell via your main Amazon seller account but they’ll be more targeted to help you make B2B sales. This, along with business-specific features such as a VAT calculator and business friendly Pay On Invoice terms (which gives customers 30 days to pay) makes it much easier to cultivate profitable relationships with business buyers.

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