Improving Your Quality Score

What is Quality Score? Quality score is the rating given by Google for the relevance of your keywords and adverts. Quality score is ranked between 1-10 […]
Google Auction Insights

Auction Insights

Features: Auction Insight reports allow you to compare your ad performance with your competitors who are bidding for the same auctions/searches on Google as you are. […]
Adwords Permanent Removal

Permanent Removal of Adwords Content

From July 2015, Google Adwords will permanently delete any removed campaigns, adgroups, keywords and adverts from your Google Adwords account. Google will be removing anything within […]
Final URL vs Destination URL

Final URL to Replace Destination URL

It is now required that you enter a Final URL instead of a Destination URL when editing or creating adverts on Google Adwords. Google Adwords has […]