Call out extensions

Google Adwords Callout Extensions

Over the last few years, Google Ads (formally Adwords) have lunched several forms of advert extension to allow advertisers the opportunity to give people searching for […]
Call Only Campaigns

New Call-Only Campaigns

With the growing increase in people trolling the internet on their mobile phones, it seems that Google Adwords has had to keep up with the changes […]
Excluding Mobile Apps

Excluding Mobile Apps on The Google Display Network

It has come to our attention that many Adwords advertisers have struggled to find a solution to removing their adverts off mobile apps when advertising on […]
Reach and Frequency Reports

Reach and frequency reports have a new home on Adwords

From the 28th of January, Reach and Frequency reports will be found in the Campaigns tab of Google Adwords. Reach and frequency reports are used for […]