Unless you have been living under a rock for the past week, you would of heard of the new Pokémon Go app which has brought the famous Japanese animated series back to life, allowing app users to catch Pokémon in the real world.  A Google Start Up Niantic created Pokémon Go with Nintendo and this game app is turning into the most used and downloaded app worldwide.

In just a few days of the games release in the US, it was installed in 5.16% of all Android phones and has received heavy publicity. The market share price for Nintendo has increased by over 116% in the last month since the app was installed.

Nintendo Shares

How can I take advantage of this new craze is a question asked by business owners and after conducting my own research, I believe there is potential to really attract more B2C customers to local stores & restaurants by following the steps below:

1. Download the app!

Its a free app and if you want to take advantage of this new craze, download the app and try it out for yourself to find out if you’re located near a gym or PokéStops and also what type of Pokémon appear near your business.

2. Attract Pokémon to your location.

If you attract Pokémon to your store potential customers will not be far behind. Once you login to your account, you will quickly find out if you are or located near a gym or PokéStops. If you are located near a PokéStops or fortunate enough to be one, you can buy a Lure Module for only £0.79 that will attract Pokémon for up to 30 minutes.

Pokémon Go Lure Module

Purchasing a few Lure Modules and having them active during quiet periods of the day will certainly help increase foot traffic near and inside your store.

If you don’t have a PokéStops nearby, you can still attract the little creatures to your store by purchasing incense.

Pokémon Go Incense

Incense is not as powerful as the Lure Module in attracting Pokémon but is a lot cheaper.

3. Promote your company!

Once you have decided on what time you would like use your method of attracting Pokémon, tell people about it using Paid Advertising such as Twitter, Facebook & Google AdWords. We have already taken advantage of this craze through these paid forms of advertising and seen a considerable influx of people visiting our customers stores. Paid Advertising allows you to target people who are already talking about the app and located in your area. Promoting the use of a Lure Module or multiple incense will certainly grab the attention of the ever increasing Pokémon community.

Pokémon Go Vaporeon

If you think you have anything rare located near your store, make sure you promote that Pokémon in your Paid Ads as it could attract an avalanche of new customers. I’ve just caught a Vaporeon an it has already caught the attention of friends and the Pokémon community.

We are a forward thinking PPC agency and like to adapt new technologies, if you need help with your marketing please get in touch.

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