Amazon DSP Case Study 02


Although the company saw potential, a huge list of products and a lack of Amazon advertising knowledge meant that they had hit a point of stunted growth. Not only did the company need to increase sales, but also needed to look at pushing the full product range.

What We Did

The opportunity that Amazon’s DSP platform provided, both on and off Amazon, meant that the company could not only be seen across myriad sites including those owned by Amazon and external relevant pages but increase sales exponentially.


Since the start of their work with ClearAds, and after only starting out on the DSP platform, the company has seen an extra $294,000 in sales, which has increased by over 50% during their time on the platform with Clear Ads DSP management, doubling initial sales (2X) in only the second month.

Sept 2020 – Oct 2020

Total Sales : £67K

Cost : £15K


Nov 2020 – Jan 2021

Total Sales : £143K

Cost : £15K


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