A Rundown of Seller Sessions 2023


Seller Sessions has become a premium event for sellers to attend because it is more than a bunch of people talking at you. This event hand-picks its speakers to bring you insightful, inspiring and current information.

Danny McMillan wanted to set Seller Sessions apart from other events by maintaining affordability alongside quality. With this in mind, he has created an event that people want to attend and gives sellers multiple speakers for the value of one!

Some stand-out speakers from the event include Matt Altman, Anthony Lee and Ben Webber. Each speaker brought something different to the table, which was a privilege to hear. They gave invaluable insights for those selling on or off Amazon, which meant more people could benefit from the event.

The sessions were very interactive, which helped to keep people engaged throughout. There was even a chance for sellers to come up on stage and share useful hacks as part of their hacks competition! It made the evening very interesting and curated an environment where everyone was comfortable sharing.

We were also excited to attend the VIP dinner since it presented unique networking opportunities and was great fun! Clear Ads was the host of the infamous Seller Sessions party this year! Everyone came together for a night of good music and questionable dancing, but it gave space for unique conversation.

These aspects of the event break apart the talks and demonstrate how to have a work/life balance. It was great to let loose and develop valuable relationships with the event attendees.

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