The Event to Set off the Year – Prosper 2023


Prosper Show Las Vegas is an event where established e-commerce sellers gather to network, connect, and learn how to improve their independent businesses.

It has since developed into one of the biggest events in the space and has become unmissable for its invaluable networking opportunities.  

Here’s what to expect at Prosper Show!

This year we heard from some notable speakers including Cody Griffin and Yve-Car. These talks help us learn what is trending in the space so we stay ahead of the game to help our clients. For example, there were useful discussions about influencer marketing, which is something we have recently been involved in with one of our current clients.

The primary purpose of the event has shifted in recent years as it has gone from education to networking. We are confident in what we do, and with more sellers than ever attending, it is perfect for developing important relationships.

It was also brilliant for introducing ourselves to new people. There were so many sellers that they were filling the corridors. Plus, there were evening parties for the attendees, which were excellent opportunities to engage with various sellers. It meant that everywhere we went we were engaged in conversation!

As an agency in an evolving space, we value the communication we have developed with our clients. Therefore we are grateful for any opportunity to speak to them in person. This is shown through the respect mutual respect between us and our clients and we appreciate being entrusted with a key aspect of their business.

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