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The Billion Dollar Seller Summit hosted by Kevin King, saw some of the worlds largest Amazon Sellers come together to network, share techniques and learn from some of the worlds leading Amazon specialist in certain areas. The speakers chosen spoke about how to better optimise your products, best way to advertise to maximise sales, when to and how to best expand into other marketplaces, new techniques of how to get ahead against their competitors, when and how to know when to sell your Amazon business and many other priceless techniques to get ahead.

Clear Ads was one of four Sponsors at the Billion Dollar Seller Summit and we were also able to share some insight on some the best practices of managing Amazon Seller Central and Vendor accounts. Not only did we get to promote our services but we were able to speak to some of the most successful sellers and add to our bank of techniques to optimise Amazon Ads.

We were able to meet with the founder of Helium 10 Manny Coats to discuss some of the exciting developments underway with this incredible too.

Manny Coats

After also hearing Norman Farrer from PR Reach speak at a number of events around the world we finally got to meet and connect to discuss how PR can help Amazon sellers achieve maximum success. Norman has sold multiple Amazon businesses north of 7 figures and this has been heavily influenced by integrating PR with Amazon advertising.



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George is the Founder of Clear Ads Ltd. Clear Ads Limited was first set up in January 2011 with the soul purpose of helping small and medium sized companies advertise through Google Adwords. Over the last few years through word of mouth, our account managers have managed to help over 200 different companies gain better exposure to their website through Google Adwords.

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