Clear Ads 10 Day Cruise Extravaganza


The Prelude

Last month, Ariam and George Roberts jetset to Miami to embark on the 10 day Amazon Online Seller Cruise. Follow along to read about all the adventures and the presentations we learnt from.

On a gloomy afternoon, George and Ariam arrived at Heathrow airport in London, after carrying out a PCR test, and boarded a flight to Miami. Contrary to the view they left behind, the duo arrived under the bright Miami sun 10 hours later. After soaking up the sun, George and Ariam enjoyed dinner and drinks in Brickell before spending the first night in a hotel.

Day 1

The next day was packed with excitement and wonder as the Clear Ads representatives embarked on the overwhelmingly big cruise ship, the Carnival Horizon accompanied by a breath-taking sunset. 

Ariam and George were pleasantly greeted by Carlos Alvervarez and the Wizards of Ecom team who reportedly showered them with friendly smiles and plenty of drinks. As you will see, the stream of drinks and networking is a continuous theme throughout this blog. 

The duo then went for dinner with a seller before calling it an early night, ready for the jam-packed day 2 that was inbound.

Day 2 and 3

Day 2 saw the event get into the full swing of things with over 8 talks from 9am-2pm, delivered by Amazon specialists and followed by an evening Roundtable meet up to conclude the day. This was apparently exceptionally insightful and the team found it invaluable to listen to other industry leaders about their journeys on Amazon.

Of the many amazing talks, George and Ariam reported back that these presenters stood out in particular as providing valuable content : Janco Bronkhorst ( How to Elevate Your Amazon Exit ), Paul Baron ( Top 10 Mistakes We’ve Made Building our Brand, and What We’d do Differently ), Steve Simonson ( A System for Making Systems ) Jana Krekic (The importance of Localisation) and Lazar Zepinic ( TIKTOK UGC ).

Unsurprisingly, this day was followed by drinks and dinner with a large group before retiring back to the cabins for the night.

A similar day unfolded next with a morning of extremely beneficial presentations including the likes of Norm Farar ( Dominate Google in 10 Minutes a Day ) and Chris Browne ( The Future is Liquid ).

Day 4 and 5

The day of the party arrived mid-way through the week as the cruise docked in at the Aruba Port with a celebratory boat party underway. The pair stressed how great it was to network and discuss the things they had learnt in the past few days.

George reported spending a lot of time partying with Tim Jordan, Ali from Sellers Funding, TJ from Elevate, Destaney from Better AMS and Paul Baron coining the meaning of the term ‘Booze Cruise’ as it was Destaney’s Birthday. Indulging in the luxuries of the trip, they then relished in an Italian meal for dinner.

The next day, the team walked along the golden sands of Curaçao, before exploring the port and wandering the town, soaking in the culture and also the beverages on one of the many luxurious beaches the island offers.

Day 6 and 7

After rejoining the cruise, they sailed onwards to the Dominican Republic and relished in the beauty of La Romana and the Amber Cove. They walked, talked and encountered a small section of the incredible views the Dominican Republic has to offer.

On day 7 they got back on board again, prepared for the next adventure. This came in the unexpected shape of a bunch of water slides that provided the day’s entertainment.

Day 8

The final full day saw another amazing round of presentations including one from George Roberts about DSP. This talk explored the potential of Amazon’s DSP for viable sellers and explored its place in the future of advertising. 

Furthermore, Ariam and George reported that they loved hearing the industry insights from Destaney Wishon ( Taking your Amazon Advertising to the next level in 2022 ), Alina Vlaic ( Ranking on Amazon, Walmart and other platforms; Keywords & Flat Files “dirty” secrets ) and Tim Jordan ( Sourcing products from Mexico for Dummies ).

With an overwhelmingly incredible 9 days to look back on the duo went back to their cabins to pack before the flight the next day.

Coming Home

To top off the sadness of having to leave behind the paradise they had enjoyed, the flight home was jammed with turbulence and discomfort. However, the memories made were bliss and it was a once in a lifetime experience with old and new friends. 

We give all our thanks to Carlos and the Wizards of Ecom team for having us on and we can’t wait to see everyone at the next event.


On the topic of other events, Clear Ads are delighted to announce that we will be attending the 2022 Prosper event. Our CEO George Meressa will be delivering a talk on Amazon Advertising and we can be found at booth 269 throughout the exhibition.

We can’t wait to see everyone attending and please let us know if you are attending so we can look out for you! 

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