Evolatam 2023: Where Supplier Meets Brand


The EvoLatam Expo in Mexico is ‘leading the charge’ in growing Latin America’s eCommerce and manufacturing industries. The event is about: learning from industry experts, meeting manufacturers and service providers, and networking with other sellers.

The conference is fuelling sellers in their search to move manufacturers away from China and closer to the US. This would reduce the time it takes to receive products and promote local manufacturers. As a result, Evolatam had noticeably more service providers in attendance than at other events.

EvoLatam was filled with learning and networking opportunities. There was something for everyone with talks ranging from advertising strategies to legal considerations for your e-commerce business. This included a session led by our founder George Meressa on Amazon DSP on the second day.

They also included some Spanish speakers, which made the event feel very inclusive.

This event was great for networking with forward-thinking sellers. It was South America’s biggest event, with a 3,274m2 showroom filled with manufacturers, wholesalers, and service providers. Plus, the evening cocktail party proved to be a particular highlight of the event.

It was also our first opportunity to test out the sparkly new Clear Ads banner and it did not disappoint! Despite being a bit heavier than we would like, we are giving it a glowing review.

Overall the event was enjoyable and educational as it taught us more about the selling environment. It highlighted valuable pain points our clients may be going through and introduced us to new opportunities.

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