What is the Digital Marketing Hub London like?


This event focused on agency and marketing professionals and helps them gain exclusive industry insights and the opportunity to network with one another in a relaxed and informal setting over some drinks and food.

This event was focused mostly on broad marketing knowledge rather than Amazon-specific knowledge however each event has a particular focus and this quarter it had a bit of an ad slant this time. As advertising specialists, you would think that we had little to learn from others but you would be wrong. We learnt a lot about ad click fraud and how to brand yourself rather than just your company. And we will be using this newfound knowledge with our clients of course.

Thankfully click fraud is less prevalent on Amazon than on social media platform advertisements and Google ads. But it was well worth us understanding more about it because inevitably it will happen at some point. So knowing the signs of such behaviours and how to counter them is key.

This event has really helped us gain a broader knowledge of the marketing world & making new connections. We really loved meeting other like-minded marketing professionals and we hope that we can help others in the industry with their Amazon advertising enquiries. If you want to refer someone to us, please point them at our book a consultation page. We do run a referral programme as well so if you do refer someone let us know.

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