What we loved about the Amazon Sellers Group TG event in NYC


This was the first time that we had been to this event so it was somewhat of an experiment for us, and we will definitely be going back.

There was plenty to learn about and some amazing speaker sessions as well. One of our account managers came back saying how informative the sessions were. This goes to show that events like these are well worth considering for educating account managers and Amazon sellers alike.

The sessions that we really enjoyed most were around how to launch products. This doesn’t just apply to new Amazon sellers but also to established sellers as well. The other topic that we thought was particularly useful was how engaging influencers and utilising social media can help to boost sales on Amazon. If you weren’t already aware both of these topics are key to gaining traction in the Amazon marketplace.

We also like to hear about the challenges Amazon sellers have been battling at these kinds of events. The common theme was of course the rising costs of selling online, sales dropping off for various reasons. As well as quite a few sellers battling with Amazon suspensions.

With the increased CPC bids and falling traffic across the Amazon site, we are also seeing a general trend that advertising has been getting more expensive. And as a result, off-channel advertising has become more popular due to more competition for the keywords.

If you are struggling with these kinds of issues and want to see if we can help you. Book a consultation and we will be happy to discuss what options and approaches we can use to counter these issues and get your sales back on track.

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