Augustas Kligys who is the founder of Orange Klik, hosted the first-ever Amazon PPC focused event in Europe called PPC Congress. This event brought in some of the biggest names in the Amazon industry such as Brian R Johnson Founder of Canopy Management, Casey Gauss CEO of Viral Launch,  Stefano Starkel Founder of Zon.Tools and influencers such as Danny McMillan host of Seller Sessions, Liran Hirschkorn Partner at Amazing Freedom and Michael Hartman who is the Managing Partner at Innoventic.

Not only was this event attended by Amazon Sellers, but there were also a handful of up and coming Amazon Advertising agencies and Amazon PPC software providers. This unique blend of people all focused on seeing growth in sales through Amazon in some way, came together to learn from some of the market leaders in the Amazon ecosystem.

Our founder George Meressa was one of the speakers at PPC congress and gave the audience an overview of programmatic advertising and how the Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) can be used to extend products reach on and off Amazon to maximise sales and have an edge on competitors. We were not surprised to see that only 15% of the room had not even heard of Amazon DSP let alone and experience using the platform.

There was a panel of experts who spoke on Amazon DSP made up of George Meressa, Michael Hartman and Liz Martin Adamson (Founder of Egility) who had used the Demand Side Platform. This gave the audience the opportunity to ask more in-depth questions about the platform. Towards the end of the event, we found the room was filling with more and more excitement about the possibilities of the platform and the direction it was heading in.

Clear Ads was also one of the few who Sponsored PPC Congress.




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George is the Founder of Clear Ads Ltd. Clear Ads Limited was first set up in January 2011 with the soul purpose of helping small and medium sized companies advertise through Google Adwords. Over the last few years through word of mouth, our account managers have managed to help over 200 different companies gain better exposure to their website through Google Adwords.

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